The Humble Pen

In a world where we are all bombarded with advertising messages constantly, wouldn’t it be great if you could get a customer to remember your product or service? What a fantastic result for your marketing spend. Want to know how? Read on.

In recent research on recall rates one marketing channel rated higher than any of the traditional media of TV, Print and online advertising. Out of the survey group over 80% recalled the company brand advertised and nearly 75% of these recalled the product service and message.

It’s not some new neural programming; it’s simple and effective marketing using promotional products.

Think of the humble pen, yes I know what you’re thinking: ‘that’s not very innovative’, neither is drinking water but it’s still popular.

If I got a dollar every time someone said “can I borrow your pen?” I’d be a millionaire. Where do they go? People lose pens is one way of looking at it or, on the flip side people GAIN pens.

Pens don’t just disappear do they? It’s been a long time since I threw a pen away. People use them and keep them. They touch them, they play with them and they LOVE them. If you get a good pen you always remember it, even if you lose it, in fact, ESPECIALLY when you lose it.

The lowly pen is something we use every single day and every day hundreds, probably thousands of pens change owners.

If your business name was on a pen with your web site address or phone number, your brand could be being transferred to hundreds of different people every week.

Starting with your target market, who you gave the pens to in the first place, and then onto a whole new audience that you may have never reached any other way. Your lowly pen could earn you $ thousands.

There are many examples where a big client has made initial contact because a pen had the company name and number on it.

Of course the pen is just the beginning, there are literally millions of promotional items out there and if you get some that are a good ‘fit’ with your company and events you may be sponsoring then you’ll get serious bang for your buck.

Is Your Goodie Bag Full of Trash or Treasure?

Now we’ve all been to Expos and events where, let’s be frank, the goodie bag is often full of junk, it’s not useful, it falls apart and it has nothing to do with the brand values of the company that gifted it to you. It’s like your worst birthday present.

Imagine how your brand would be perceived if you had a gift that people would actually use, that has a good lifespan and that aligns with your brand values. And, as a bonus, that your branding looks fabulous on.

When you work with a company that specialises in promotional product sourcing their expertise lies in finding you the perfect match without you having all the time consuming hassle, spending hours searching through thousands of products, verifying colours and decoration options, delivery times and product quality.

So for your next promotion let us help you to find a product that reflects your business and campaign.


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