Get Ahead of Eco Legislation with Sustainable Promotional Products for Your Business

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Australia is on a plastics mission. It is a significant challenge in which each of us – government, industry and the community – must play a part. In March 2020, a National Plastics Summit was convened which highlighted that plastic waste is an issue that Australians care about deeply.

Banning Single Use Plastic

As a result, WA and NSW moved into action and are legislating a ban on lightweight plastic bags, disposable plastic straws and cutlery, plastic cotton buds and takeaway containers from January 2022 as part of The National Plastic Plan.

The promotional products industry has a pretty poor reputation for using single use plastics, however change is coming. It’s time for businesses to think carefully about their future marketing and avoid giveaways that will pollute and damage our environment and fauna. For example, it would be commercial suicide to have a dead turtle pulled out of the ocean with your branded product in its stomach.

Sustainable Promotional Products

The single use plastic ban is actually good news for everyone, and the industry is responding with a huge variety of simple, promotional eco-friendly merchandise solutions. All you have to do is remember to:

  • source products that are useful
  • source responsibly
  • where possible use recycled or sustainable materials.

Merch Solutions commented: “In 2021 we’ve seen an increase in clients looking for reusable drink bottles, coffee cups and natural fibre promotional bags, fulfilling the criteria of ‘useful’ ‘sustainable’ and ‘responsibly sourced’.”

Printed promotional jute bags

The longevity of promotional products like these far outweighs any other marketing media available, so your marketing dollar goes much further and the feedback from recipients is far more positive than traditional advertising.

88% of promotional product recipients remember the name of the advertiser on the products.

85% of the recipients do business with the advertiser on the product.

83% of people like receiving them.                                         Source:

Promotional bags, drink bottles, metal straws and coffee cups are 4 key areas that Merch Solutions is focussed on to help clients find the perfect eco-friendly merch product to showcase client’s brands for their new and existing customers.

Whether it’s a thank you to staff who have been working from home most of the year, or a thank you to customers for staying with you in these difficult times, an eco-friendly choice makes a great impact.


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