Your Staff = Your Business. How to Say Thank You with Staff Gifts

Show appreciation for your team with a staff gift
Now I think it’s safe to say that the past 2 years have been the most challenging for businesses this century. Scott Morrison has said it’s 30 times worse than the global financial crisis of 2008. While most financial experts don’t rate it quite so high businesses have suffered dramatically.

The compromised supply chains, reduced freight options, no customer access and snap lockdowns have all had a huge impact. Although many of these have improved, the next challenge is staffing.From hospitality to IT, there are massive shortages and as we all know staff are vital to your business survival, without your team your business is crippled. For those lucky enough to have kept their team going through the flexibility of working from home, don’t be fooled that they haven’t been impacted. The constant need to pivot and adapt almost on a daily basis at times has put everyone under pressure.

Winter is coming so how about an end of financial year thank you gift? A warm snug hoodie, beanie, vacuum drink bottle to keep a hot drink in, travel mug etc, the list of useful gifts you can source is endless. Merch Solutions is a one stop shop for gifts and merchandise for businesses across Australia, specialising in helping businesses to say Thank You to staff and customers.

Regional areas have seen a huge influx of new residents from the city and there are housing crises being declared throughout the eastern coast including Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast. Geographically it may be difficult to keep staff in a physical office space, the combination of the appeal of working out of the cities and the proof it can work efficiently having been put to the test due to Covid-19.
Now more than ever is the time to value your staff, the people who have stuck with you and the people who have just started with you. With a limited recruitment pool that businesses are vying for your business culture will be key to survival. A Harvard Business Review Study revealed that job satisfaction, business environment, culture and values are just as important as financial factors to retain staff.

If you don’t have a program to acknowledge your staff commitment, it’s time to invest in one. It can be as simple as vouchers for a sporting event, theatre or spa to say thank you. We all love to be appreciated and it’s so simple to do, when you take a step back and take in what they have achieved for you in this crazy time.

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Get Ahead of Eco Legislation with Sustainable Promotional Products for Your Business

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Australia is on a plastics mission. It is a significant challenge in which each of us – government, industry and the community – must play a part. In March 2020, a National Plastics Summit was convened which highlighted that plastic waste is an issue that Australians care about deeply.

Banning Single Use Plastic

As a result, WA and NSW moved into action and are legislating a ban on lightweight plastic bags, disposable plastic straws and cutlery, plastic cotton buds and takeaway containers from January 2022 as part of The National Plastic Plan.

The promotional products industry has a pretty poor reputation for using single use plastics, however change is coming. It’s time for businesses to think carefully about their future marketing and avoid giveaways that will pollute and damage our environment and fauna. For example, it would be commercial suicide to have a dead turtle pulled out of the ocean with your branded product in its stomach.

Sustainable Promotional Products

The single use plastic ban is actually good news for everyone, and the industry is responding with a huge variety of simple, promotional eco-friendly merchandise solutions. All you have to do is remember to:

  • source products that are useful
  • source responsibly
  • where possible use recycled or sustainable materials.

Merch Solutions commented: “In 2021 we’ve seen an increase in clients looking for reusable drink bottles, coffee cups and natural fibre promotional bags, fulfilling the criteria of ‘useful’ ‘sustainable’ and ‘responsibly sourced’.”

Printed promotional jute bags

The longevity of promotional products like these far outweighs any other marketing media available, so your marketing dollar goes much further and the feedback from recipients is far more positive than traditional advertising.

88% of promotional product recipients remember the name of the advertiser on the products.

85% of the recipients do business with the advertiser on the product.

83% of people like receiving them.                                         Source:

Promotional bags, drink bottles, metal straws and coffee cups are 4 key areas that Merch Solutions is focussed on to help clients find the perfect eco-friendly merch product to showcase client’s brands for their new and existing customers.

Whether it’s a thank you to staff who have been working from home most of the year, or a thank you to customers for staying with you in these difficult times, an eco-friendly choice makes a great impact.

The Humble Pen

In a world where we are all bombarded with advertising messages constantly, wouldn’t it be great if you could get a customer to remember your product or service? What a fantastic result for your marketing spend. Want to know how? Read on.

In recent research on recall rates one marketing channel rated higher than any of the traditional media of TV, Print and online advertising. Out of the survey group over 80% recalled the company brand advertised and nearly 75% of these recalled the product service and message.

It’s not some new neural programming; it’s simple and effective marketing using promotional products.

Think of the humble pen, yes I know what you’re thinking: ‘that’s not very innovative’, neither is drinking water but it’s still popular.

If I got a dollar every time someone said “can I borrow your pen?” I’d be a millionaire. Where do they go? People lose pens is one way of looking at it or, on the flip side people GAIN pens.

Pens don’t just disappear do they? It’s been a long time since I threw a pen away. People use them and keep them. They touch them, they play with them and they LOVE them. If you get a good pen you always remember it, even if you lose it, in fact, ESPECIALLY when you lose it.

The lowly pen is something we use every single day and every day hundreds, probably thousands of pens change owners.

If your business name was on a pen with your web site address or phone number, your brand could be being transferred to hundreds of different people every week.

Starting with your target market, who you gave the pens to in the first place, and then onto a whole new audience that you may have never reached any other way. Your lowly pen could earn you $ thousands.

There are many examples where a big client has made initial contact because a pen had the company name and number on it.

Of course the pen is just the beginning, there are literally millions of promotional items out there and if you get some that are a good ‘fit’ with your company and events you may be sponsoring then you’ll get serious bang for your buck.


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